Satisfaction is NOT Guaranteed!

Men hate when women get jealous, yet they make them jealous. Men check out every female near them but show little interest in their own women.

Women slut themselves up because guys notice. Women use sex because it is easy. Women use their looks to seduce, deceive, and get what they want. Why? Because guys encourage it and want it.

It is fucking impossible for a guy to be interested in only one woman. He may choose to spend his life with only one woman, but he will always be attracted to and interested in other women. He enjoys daily life with one woman but in reality he wants to explore and engage with other females sexually.

It is quite a fucked up situation since most women are the exact opposite. They practically idolize their men. In return they are treated like they are dispensable to the first younger and prettier thing that comes along. Women constantly have to compete for their guy’s attention and the Bitch comes out when they feel threatened by other women.

The sad thing is, even if a man has the most beautiful and perfect woman in the world he will still be interested in other women. There is no woman beautiful enough. Guys always want more. Most men can never be fully satisfied with one woman.

Women spend their time looking for that one man to love and take care of. Their ultimate desire is to fall in love and the love be returned. They devote their lives to finding true love. When a woman is in love her world revolves around her love.

Men are attracted to confidence and want their women to be confident, yet they are always checking out other women and paying little attention to their own women. This is not very encouraging. This destroys a woman’s confidence and causes jealousy.

Women are emotional roller coasters! They are happy one minute and a psycho person the next. They cry easily and they bitch a lot. Guys don’t know how to deal with this because they are not emotional. However, if a man loves his woman and shows her mad respect and makes her feel like the only woman in the world she will never bitch a day in her life, she will go out of her way to make him happy, and she will return the respect.

Men and women are very different. Guys care more about physical appearances and think about sex more often than females. Females could care less about their guy’s physical appearances and simply love loving him and pleasing him. Seems like the women got the shitty end of the stick when it comes to relationships!


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