Religion and Society Cause Handicaps


Religion and society are handicaps because people do what religion and society tell them to rather than thinking for themselves. Religion is a handicap because it keeps people from properly dealing with things. Instead they pray it away. So pretty much they don’t deal with it they suppress it without realizing it. Religion is like medication. It is a temporary fix. Unless you truly confront and deal with things it will always be there.

Religion is fuckery:

I often wonder what the world would be like without religion. I like to believe it to be a world where people live for themselves rather than how a book, fictional characters, or a motivational speaker tells them to.

Religion is worldwide. “There are 19 major world religions which are subdivided into a total of 270 large religious groups, and many smaller ones. 34,000 separate Christian groups have been identified in the world.”* Another sources has a list of 30 major religions**, and another source has a list of 79***. Every source I found was a different number. The point I am trying to make, if religion was real or god was real wouldn’t there be only one known and accepted religion and god? Christians don’t come at me with satan is the one creating all of the other religions to keep them from Jesus and eternal life. Bullshit. Religions are created for power or because humans can’t accept not knowing the mysteries of life and death. It is created for power or comfort. This is an article in itself…let’s get back on track.


Now a little about our ass backwards society:

What would life be like living in a positive, selfless society rather than the ass backwards society we live in now? I like to think it would be a more compassionate and happy atmosphere. Life would be about being ourselves and finding happiness through self-awareness rather than society’s greedy remedy of popping pills for a temporary fix, and turning a patient into an addict; because addicts bring in profits. Addicts will put everything at risk for a fix. The government and drug companies are clever but fucked up and greedy non the least.

I know our country is not the worst to live in but it is not the best. It annoys me to hear Americans say that America is the best country. Americans that believe this I say are typical Americans…cliche and ignorant. The USA is not a fair country. It is a greedy corrupt country. Things are so ass backwards and it pisses me off!

Why do politicians, lawyers, athletes, and actors/actresses make more money and are valued more than police, firefighters, EMS, teacher, military, and social workers? Does this seem correct to you? Why does society value someone because of a skill (singer, actor, athlete) rather than someone that helps others and risks their lives for others? Fucking stupid! This makes me irate!

So many praise and worship celebrities and athletes, and act as though they are someone above the rest of the world, like they have this special fucking power, like they are considered special and fortunate. Bullshit. They are regular fucking people just like you and I. Just because they make an awesome song, or play in your favorite movie they are no different than the rest of the human race.


Religion is no different. Most of the world believes in some religion. Humans feel the need to believe in something. We do not understand all there is to know about life. We are still figuring out small details. And because we cannot answer where we come from and where we go after life we fill the void with religion. Religious leaders are held on a pedestal. They are no more than motivational speakers collecting your time and money. If you feel it is good for you and your life…awesome. I am not deterring you from your beliefs. I personally evaluated my beliefs and made changes.

I bet a genius back in the day learned early on that religion was powerful…like politics. What better way to make others believe…just tell them so and make it so that their god created the world. Oh and there is this book that says so and you should believe everything in it because it says so. WTF! In that case I should be mother fucking believing that Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob are also real. Maybe I can meet Harry fucking Potter while I’m at it!

How many people have actually finished the bible front to back? And those who have read it front to back and still believe in the shit have deeper issues. I tried multiple times to read the entire bible. I thought it was something god wanted me to do and something every christian was expected to do. Every time I tried I ended my reading at horrific, questionable, and  ridiculous stories. God is so good and loves us so much yet in the bible two daughters get their father drunk and have sex with him to get pregnant and carry on his legacy. Uh, yuck! Another story, god told Abraham to sacrifice his son for him and right before he was about to kill him god told him to stop. WTF! If god was so good why would he ask someone to do that. Would a mother and a father ask a child to prove his love to them? That sounds like a mental issue to me. And oh be kind to others yet go to battle and kill those who think differently. And let’s give innocent little children terminal illness and call it a testimony. Get the fuck out of here! If god is so good he would never allow a child to die and allow them to grow up. This too is another article. Let’s get back on track.


Wow, we are so ass backwards it is ridiculous. I wish I had the power to change the world. Sadly, humans are destroying the world and society. It always gets worse before it gets better, unfortunately.

So many accept life, rules and traditions they are told, shown, or taught. They rarely question things, they defend them instead because someone told them to. Instead of questioning everything and researching things people just believe it. Religion and society are a handicap and people don’t see that. Or maybe people do see it but ignore it.


Don’t be handicapped by religion or society. Be yourself. Think for yourself. Question everything.








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