Highway Etiquette



  1. The Fast Lane Is Not YOUR Lane – When in the far left “Passing/Fast” lane if others come up behind you wanting to “pass” you…move to a lane on the right. You are in the PASSING lane! You have a right to be in that lane if you don’t hold others back. In other lanes people should go around you if they want to go faster, but in the fast lane you get out of the way. If not, you are being rude, inconsiderate, and causing road rage! Shame on you!
  2. LOOK Before Switching Lanes – Look to the right or left…physically LOOK before you decide to switch lanes. Seriously why would you first get over and then look? I can’t even tell you how many times I have almost been sideswiped.
  3. Let Others Pass – If someone wants to go around you…let him. Who cares if someone wants to drive faster than you. Who cares if someone wants to pass you just let him pass. You would expect the same.
  4. Be considerate – You SHARE the road with LOTS of other vehicles. Whether you want to share the road or not you have to. If we all treated each other with much more respect maybe road rage would diminish.
  5. Cut In And Speed Up – DO NOT pull out in front of or cut in front of another driver and then drive slowly or slowly gain speed. RUDE! YOU cause road rage and one day you may piss off the wrong person. If you are going to pull out in front of someone your foot better be to the floorboard.


Let’s create more of this…happydriver

and LESS of this…roadrage



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